TV Wall Mounting

TV wall mounting

Best TV wall mounting in Adelaide

TV wall mounting has become essential in a modern home as TV’s become the centrepiece of family rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor areas. At Antennas Near Me we have been wall mounting TV’s for many years and pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We know the ins and outs of TV wall mounting, tv mounting brackets and wall mount installation.

Why keep your prime viewing investment on a TV cabinet, when you can enhance the viewing experience by mounting it on the wall. If your TV is mounted by a professional installer then the job will be done right, be securely and safely mounted. We can install TV sizes from as little as a 21inch TV to a 100 inch TV using our preferred brand of quality Sanus TV Wall Mount.

Why Mount your TV

Apart from how good it looks keeping your TV safe is another great reason for TV wall mounting. Young Children and pets are a major danger to TV’s sitting on cabinets. While walking, if someone stumbles near the unit, and their hands grab the TV for support, if the TV is firmly fixed to the wall with a quality bracket it will be safe. Older people in the house sometimes experience balance issues. Thus, having a TV mounted on the wall, rather than keeping it unsupported on a cabinet, makes for a safer environment.

TV Wall Mounting Service

But TV wall mounting is not as easy as it seems. If you want your premium TV to look exactly like it did in the store, it is wise not to install and tune the TV yourself. It can turn out to be a disaster if attempted to be installed by an inexperienced person, causing damage to the new TV, wall and cable connections. Thus, while mounting the TV, it is best to consult an expert to get knowledge on the correct type of brackets and best placement in your desired room.

TV wall mounting


tv wall mounting

TV Wall Mounting Cost

If you are after a TV Mounting installation price it’s all always best to get an onsite quote. Every TV wall mounting job is different so it’s next to impossible to give a correct quote over the phone. There is a lot of factors involved, including:

What wall are you mounting on, inside or outside wall?

What material is the wall made from, brick veneer, solid brick, stone or solid concrete?

Do you want the cables hidden, if so is there a wall cavity near the TV mounting position we can run the cables through?

TV Wall Brackets

The best bracket is normally not the cheapest! A cheap bracket is usually not adjustable. The weight of your TV may bend it, if it’s made from cheap metal and the fittings often are not great for fixing to your wall. We only use Sanus TV mounting brackets as our preferred range of mounting brackets and soundbar mounts. Sanus provide a 10-year warranty to back the quality of their mounts. Sanus have diverse range including flush-to-the-wall, 180-degree full motion swivel arms, tilt and more.

We include Digital TV Setup

Don’t worry if you are confused in setting up your new digital TV. At Antennas Near Me guarantee that when we Mount your TV, we won’t leave your home without setting up your TV also. Antennas Near Me will have your new Digital TV Mounted and checked that its perfectly tuned in to all channels. We can connect your TV to any of the streaming services, Netflix, Disney, Prime, Kayo etc. We can also tune in the local Free to Air TV stations and connect your TV to the internet.

So, if you’re looking to get your TV wall mounted, contact us now on 0488 735 555 for a free quote, or contact us online by clicking below.

TV wall mounting