Office Data Rewiring

The electrical wiring in offices is designed to survive for up to 30-35 years. Beyond this, office rewiring is essential to protect both humans and material from electrical hazards due to old wiring and loose electrical connections. One common sign of old wiring is the presence of fuses instead of circuit breakers in the switchboard.

Our electricians are experts in office rewiring and undergo extensive practical and theoretical on the job training. They are capable of rewiring everything from offices to residential homes considering all factors of safety. You can be sure we satisfy all the Australian standard guidelines for office rewiring.

Electrical equipment like fuses, switches, cables, etc. deteriorate with time and require frequent insulation checking. It is advised to get the office wiring checked after every ten years. Our electricians can also carry out an electrical safety survey to discover loose connections, electrical faults, and replace old electrical equipment with new. 

Our electricians will provide a free quote for your office rewiring depending on various factors such as: –

  • Type of structure, i.e., brick, timber, etc.
  • Ease of access
  • Size of the office
  • Number of power points required
  • Number of levels
  • Number of lighting points and switches

    There will be no surprises and hidden charges involved in your office rewiring. And after the completion of work, you will be issued with a COC (certificate of compliance) for your records.

    Mark and Arek are qualified and highly skilled electricians, and they drive a fully equipped service van with the latest electrical tools, equipment, and ladder. Antennasnearme is the name to rely on when it comes to office rewiring in Adelaide.

     Choose Antennasnearme for your office rewiring and other electrical works and get it done professionally once and for all. For further information regarding our services, call Arek on 0488 735 555 or send an email to