Home Cabling

At Antennasnearme, we are not only experts in Antenna repair and TV Wall Mounting, but also specialize in home cabling, wiring, and data point installation. Internet connection has become a necessity in the current age. Hence it is important to install data points correctly and at an optimum location. Our technicians are experts in home cabling and undergo extensive theoretical and practical on the job training. Hence you can be sure we satisfy the standard guidelines for home cable installation. You can contact us on 0488 735 555 to get all your home cabling requirements fulfilled while constructing a new home. 

Our expert technicians work according to your house plan and also suggest the best location for antenna cabling to enhance the viewing experience. Before commencing our work, we consult with you regarding the number of points for your TV, phone, audio system, and their desired location. You can contact us and get the entire house cabling done during the initial construction stage so your house is ready to go for any electrical appliances before you move in.

Our technicians are available 24/7 to reach your home and ensure all the points are installed professionally and precisely where you want them. Whether you need an extra point, telephone cabling, cable modem, or want to move an existing point to a different location, we will make sure the job is completed with expertise the first time. The correct installation of the computer unit and internet connection is of supreme importance if you are planning for a home office setup. At Antennasnearme, we even offer computer data cabling services to make sure your PC setup is at your desired location.

Contact us on 0488 735 555 or send an email at antennasnearme@gmail.com to find out more about our services and get your free quote today!