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Digital Installations in Adelaide

Are you moving to a new home, and you need to set up an antenna?

Or are you having problems with your reception, and wondering whether to repair or upgrade your digital antenna?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn all about digital installations in Adelaide.

Let’s dive right in…

Signs You Should Replace Your TV Antenna

Several signs can indicate you require digital antenna installation. Sometimes these signs are as obvious as bent and fallen antennae or even poor signals. Other times, the signs are subtle and can easily escape your eye. Good examples include:

  • Getting a message that says “searching…” when you turn your tv on
  • The Signal going in and out
  • Some of your channels missing
  • No signal completely
  • Pixelated pictures

If you notice any of the signs above, then that’s an indication you need to contact a digital antenna installation Adelaide. These technicians will conduct tests and determine whether you need to repair or upgrade your antennae.

Top Tips for Digital Antenna Installation Adelaide

Anyone can install a TV antenna, but it takes an expert technician to do it right the first time. Below are some top tips that help technicians to install a TV antenna in Adelaide.

Know Your Local Reception

When installing a TV antenna, technicians must first determine the signal strength of the area. You can do this by inputting your address into the MySwitch Website. This is a government reception website that tells you about your area’s reception.

Besides helping you decide the type of antenna to use, knowing your local reception is essential for your TV antenna’s proper alignment to obtain the best reception.

Type of Antenna

An important question you must ask yourself when conducting TV antenna installation is, “what is the best tv antenna for my area?”  antenna installations adelaide

Typically, there are two types of antenna installation in Adelaide; Indoor antenna and Outdoor antenna. As the names suggest, outdoor antennas are hooked up outside the house, while indoor antennas are set up inside the house.

Generally, an outdoor digital antenna cost more than an indoor antenna. Outdoor antennas are also the most preferred antennas in Adelaide.

The antenna you choose will depend on the local reception. For the most part, Indoor antennas yield poor signals, and they work in areas with strong signal coverage, like places near a broadcaster tower. On the other hand, outdoor digital antennas provide better signals, and you can use them in almost all areas in Adelaide.

However, if you live in an area with poor reception like North, South, and East Adelaide, you may need a TV signal booster or antenna amplifier alongside your outdoor TV antenna to get a better signal.

Use Quality Cables

High-quality cables will give you the best picture quality. Always use satellite grade or high-grade coaxial cables to connect your antenna to the TV.

Never Keep Antenna Near Metal and Power Lines


Power cables and metal components can interfere with your TV reception. You should, therefore, mount your digital antenna away from metal objects and cables.

Cost of Installing Digital TV Antenna in Adelaide

TV antenna installation costs in Adelaide start from as low as $150 and could go up to over $500. Several factors determine the amount you pay, including;

  • Type of roof
  • Location of your home
  • Type of antennae to install