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tv antenna installers and repairs

Best TV Antenna Installers and Repairs in Adelaide

TV antenna installers and repair technicians have been around for a long time but with the advent of digital TV many people are turning to these professionals to rectify faults and to make sure they are getting the best possible signal. Due to the changes in digital TV in recent years you may be experiencing poor TV reception using your old antenna. There are many home repair jobs you can do yourself but TV antenna repairs is not one of them. A professional TV antenna installer knows how to check every factor that may be causing poor TV reception. Will also have the experience and equipment to do the job safely. When it comes to TV antenna repair or installation, you want someone experienced.

Digital Antenna Repair

Despite the fact that analogue signal has been turned off in Australia, many people upgraded their TV to a digital TV but are still using their old analogue antenna setup. This is causing poor reception because the old analogue antenna is not designed to work with the digital signal and TV’s. Antennas Near me can help you to fix this problem fast whether it’s repairing your existing antenna, relocating to the best spot on your roof or installing a complete new set up.

Antennas Near Me specialises in quality home television antenna installation and repairs to existing antennas. Our TV antenna installers and repair technicians will test the signal at multiple points around your property to ensure your antenna is at the best and most reliable possible location to receive the signal. If your antenna needs to be repaired or replaced our technician will provide you with a free quote and fix the problem the same day if you are happy to get the problem fixed. If you do need a new digital TV antenna we will ensure that:


  • We start by checking the signal strength at multiple points on your roof
  • We have a clear line of sight to the nearest transmission tower
  • We install the best quality TV antenna available
  • Re-check the signal strength once installed
  • Check every channel on your TV has crystal clear reception


tv antenna installers and repairs

Experiencing Poor TV Reception

If you are experiencing poor TV reception with your old antenna there could be a number of reasons for this. You could have faulty cables or amplifiers, incorrect installation, misalignment of the antenna, damage caused by a storm, external interference or a number of other unseen issues. In some cases, especially after a thunderstorm, the poor reception may be related to your antenna being damaged and it may need to be replaced. Antennas Near Me will be able to give you expert advise on the best antenna replacement and installation process. Outdoor cables could also need replacing due to storm damage or the weather wearing it down.

TV Antenna Repairs and Servicing in Adelaide

Antennas Near Me installers and repair technicians conduct a complete assessment to find and fix the problem with your existing antenna or advise you if it needs replacing with the latest digital antennas that have built in filtration. The process of antenna repair also includes checking the cable splitters, amplifiers and the connectors to ensure it’s proper alignment and functioning. Our TV antenna installers and repair technicians are experts at finding problems with previously installed antennas. You may be receiving a poor signal because of new building in your area around your home or other significant changes. In such circumstances your antenna may need to be shifted and mounted on a different location.

Repair or Replace Your TV Antenna

The decision to repair or replace your TV antenna is not one that can be made by sight only. Which is why our professional technicians conduct a digital signal test at multiple points around your property. Your TV antenna may have previously been placed in the ideal spot for the best signal, but it could now be affected by interference from various sources and this interference could be causing poor TV reception. Antennas Near Me technicians are experienced and know how to eliminate these sources of interference and get the best possible reception for your TV.

If you’re not getting great picture and sound quality for any reason, it’s time to call the professional expert technicians at Antennas Near me for a free quote to repair your existing TV antenna or upgrade to the latest technology.

tv antenna installers and repairs