Antenna Repairs

Have you got issues with the pictures on your TV? Is your Antenna damaged? Don’t worry! Our technicians will do a full assessment of your system and rectify the faults.

Due to the advancements in digital TV in recent years, you might be experiencing frequent poor TV reception with your old antenna. There could be many reasons for this issue such as faulty cables or amplifiers, incorrect installation, misalignment of the antenna, damage caused due to a storm, external interference, and many more. Hence, calling a technician can help decipher the issue and rectify it.

Antennasnearme’s expert technicians will monitor your antenna’s condition and conduct a signal test at your property. A complete system assessment will give an idea of whether the antenna is working fine, or if it needs to be replaced with the latest antenna that has built-in 4G infiltration. The process of antenna repair also includes checking the cable splitters, amplifiers, and the connectors to ensure its proper alignment and functioning.

Our technician expert will also check the location of your previously installed antenna. The antenna may malfunction if it is installed near a chimney or other parts of your property receiving poor transmission signals. In such circumstances, the antenna needs to be shifted and mounted to a secure location.

If your antenna needs to be repaired or replaced, our technician will provide you a free    on-site quote depending on the issue.  Our technician will fix your antenna problem on the same day within a short span of time. This means you can continue watching your favorite TV shows with better picture clarity and without any interruptions.

Thus, if you are fed up with annoying drop-outs call Arek on 0488735555 and permit us to investigate and resolve your antenna issue instantly and for the last time.